2018 Goals for Silver Sculptor

Last year I wrote down some of my goals for 2017 and I decided to do it again this year to make myself accountable. You can see whether I achieved them or not here. For this year I have tried to condense my goals into 5 parts with each of them including a how to… they’re quite simple and I’ll need to go into more depth with a marketing / business plan (something to add to my to do list!)

Business Goals

1. Increase sales on Etsy and Website by 50%
• Experiment with advertising (google shopping, Facebook ads, Pinterest ads)
• Collaborations with other companies
• Create marketing plan for year with key dates
• Add new jewelry that I made in 2017 that are not currently listed on Etsy/Website

2. Get my jewelry in more boutiques
• Identify boutiques to reach out to
• Identify menswear boutiques, tailors etc

3. One gallery / Museum shop
• Identify museum shops and find buyer names
• Create line sheet for wearable art series

4. Get jewelry featured in magazines (non paid)
• Write compelling press releases for new collections
• Up my photography game, more lifestyle photos that feature jewelry, rather than product photos alone

5. Release two collections
• Finalize cube collection
• Create pebble collection

6. Learn, learn, learn!
• Finish courses

Personal Goals

1. Learn Spanish
• Set aside time each month

2. Keep my mind active
• Learn more, go through courses, read more

3. Get to 135lb and stay there, 139 will do
• Exercise at home. Eat healthy, eat more greens, less sugars

4. Give back
• Volunteer
Identify local non-profits to reach out to

If I remember, I’ll do a 6 month review to see how well I am getting on. I already know some of the ones that will fall by the wayside!

What do you do to make sure you’re accountable for your goals (whether they’re personal or professional?) How do you stay on track and keep a note of how you’re progressing?




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  • Very inspiring, Jo! I may copy your personal goals for myself. :)


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