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Bold and contemporary handcrafted sterling silver jewelry

Joanne Simmons

Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner

I grew up in London and was always making things, my mum would sit with me and teach me how to sew, go to bead shops with me and encourage me to make things and be creative.

Fast forward to moving to America in 2005, I couldn’t find any jewelry that I really loved, so I decided to make something myself.

My designs were more elaborate than my technique allowed, but I kept going and realized I was actually quite good at designing and making jewelry. So I started to make jewelry for my friends and family and then at craft fairs where people loved my designs. My business grew organically and my technical skills too, to where I am now - a full time designer and metalsmith.

Simple, bold, contemporary design

I pride myself on bold, contemporary designs, elegant packaging and great customer service.

All my jewelry is custom made for you, so when you buy something from me, rest assured that I will be making your piece from scratch - just for you! That means that you can customize with a finish of your choice and of course choose the right size to fit you!

I look forward to working with you and supplying you with some wonderful original jewelry.

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Sustainable, responsible and ethical

I am committed to sourcing materials from ethical and environmentally responsible companies. I use metals that are recycled and place importance in understanding where the gemstones I use come from, to ensure that those involved are compensated fairly for their labor and that they are environmentally mined or created in a lab. We only have one planet and it's important to look after it. Resources such as gold and silver are a finite resource and jewelers have a duty to ensure that they are being used mindfully and respectfully.

My mission is to make jewelry that will last, not only in quality, but design. I don’t want my jewelry going to landfill, so it needs to be intentional, meaningful and well crafted.

Silver Sculptor also has a philanthropic role to play in the community. I do this through making jewelry to donate to charity gala auctions, giving jewelry to healthcare professionals, donating profits from sales to non-profits. And many other ways throughout the years.

Meet Joanne

Meet Joanne, the owner and designer at Silver Sculptor

Behind the scenes

Soldering the cube necklace
Measuring stones before setting
Setting stones in a ring
My studio cats are the best