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I recently finished a 6 week course on Rhino5, a 3D software. 

I've been using it for a little while, but with no formal training, I felt like I was missing out on some fundamentals. While tinkering around is great, I knew that I was wasting time by not understanding how to work some key features. So I researched some courses in NYC (very lucky to live here and have great continuing education schools on my doorstep!) and found a very reasonably priced course at the School of Visual Arts on Tuesday evenings for 6 weeks. 

The teacher, John, is an architect by trade, but now runs the Visual Futures Lab at SVA, teaches at Pratt University and does passion projects on the side. He's been using Rhino for around 10 years he said and judging by his skills I'd say there's nothing he can't do on it!

I won't bore you with what we did each week, but I did make a canoe, a rubber duck and a hammer. The rubber duck and the hammer were both 3D printed, it's incredible seeing the detail that can be printed these days. I've used Shapeways to print things in the past and I'm always amazed at the quality. You can see little ridges where the pieces are printed in layers, but they are easily removed, either after casting or before, using sandpaper.

3D Printed Rubber Duck  3D Printed Rubber Duck  3D Printed Rubber Duck  3D Printed Hammer  3D Printed Hammer  3D Printed Hammer  3D Printed Hammer

Attending the course has opened so many new horizons for me and I hope to be creating lots of new wonderful pieces over the next few months!

Here are a few pieces I've designed recently using the new skills I've learnt.

3D Jewelry | Silver Sculptor  3D Jewelry | Silver Sculptor  3D Jewelry | Silver Sculptor


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