An Interview With... Kerry Lynn of Love Locked

There are a lot of people in my life who I admire greatly and inspire me each and every day. So, I thought you might like to meet some of these people virtually.

I'm going to start a new series of blog posts where I interview some of these beautiful souls.

First up is Kerry Lynn, owner of Love Locked, a little boutique in Jersey City which stocks some of my jewelry.

An interview with Kerry 

Kerry Lynn - Love Locked  Love Locked

JOANNE: Tell me a bit about yourself, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time (if there is such a thing as spare time), where are you from etc

KERRY: I'm Kerry Lynn and I love meeting people, jewelry, art and traveling. When I'm not in my shop or sprinting through the jewelry district, you'll probably find me hiking upstate, exploring museums or seeking out a new restaurant.

JOANNE: Tell me the most interesting thing about you KERRY: Before jewelry, I traveled with Healing the Children Northeast and organized medical missions abroad.

Love Locked, Jersey City

JOANNE: Tell me about Love Locked. What made you decide to open it, why the name, how long have you been open, why Jersey City, anything else you think might be interesting?

KERRY: Love Locked is a jewelry, home goods and apothecary shop in Jersey City. We love finding you the perfect wedding band, engagement or unique gift. I work with 96 artists 29 of which hail from Jersey City. We chose Jersey City because of the community of artists that are constantly growing here and the close neighborhood vibe. I like the fact that there are no big chain stores and lots of mom and pop shops with views of the city. Love Locked came to be for a lot of reasons: While living in Peru I volunteered with my friend Kassi who was spearheading a micro finance fair trade artist co-op. I loved meeting the artists and the idea behind fair trade, ethical goods making a direct, positive impact on families and the community. When I came home from Peru, I bartended and worked in a non profit, but always wanted my own small business. Heidi of Liesel Love, approached me with the idea of a brick and mortar jewelry store. I loved the idea of melding meeting people, working with artists who create beautiful work and owning a small business. Heidi left the business in March 2017 and I decided to rename it Love Locked based on the bridges where lovers place a lock to commemorate their love. I added many more artists and have been focusing on wedding jewelry. It's so fun to meet a couple in love and hear all their stories.  Kerry Lynn, Love Locked

JOANNE: Who inspires you?

KERRY: My mother is superwoman. All the artists that are in my store inspire me in different ways whether it's creatively or their work ethic or their energy. I've learnt a lot through everyone here.

JOANNE: What is your greatest achievement to date?

KERRY: Curating Love Locked and seeing its growth and traveling abroad with Healing the Children Northeast and organizing medical missions to provide children with free surgical treatment.

JOANNE: Who's your favorite artist that you carry in the store? I'll let you choose more than one!

KERRY: You, the Silver Sculptor do so much, such a cool range of techniques like your wax molding, stamping, wire wrapping and 3D pieces. You are always creative, educating yourself and innovating your craft. (Thank you!!) A selection of Silver Sculptor jewelry at Love Locked

I love Danielle V Green and her imaginative watercolors. Danielle V Green

I love Digby and Iona textured bands and interesting use of stones. He even cuts his own sapphires now.

Digby and Iona

Everett and her delicate sparkling diamonds and West Village Tribe with her amazing wire wrapping skills 

Everett  West Village Tribe Jewelry

And of course Michael Haff's woodworking  master skills! (That's her lovely boyfriend!)

Michael Haff
JOANNE: What's your favorite piece you have in the store right now for men and for women?

KERRY: For men: Billy Kirk briefcase and wallets. The leather ages beautifully Billy Kirk  Billy Kirk

For women: the Artemer tiny sparkling diamond band its understated and pretty and I can't stop trying it on!

Artemer Jewelry

JOANNE: What's your favorite gemstone?

KERRY: Moissanites! Conflict free, from a meteorite and sparkly!


JOANNE: What was the last gift you gave someone?

KERRY: I gave my boyfriend tickets to Nick Cave and a trip to Philly to the Barnes Museum

JOANNE: What's your favorite thing about Jersey City?

KERRY: A fess of my favorite things about JC: The community of people it has attracted. The boutiques like Another Man's Treasure and Very! The space at Indie Grove where they help foster women entrepreneurship.The multitude of talented artists everywhere.The public art. Mathews and Dull Boy! 

Dullboy, Jersey City  Mathews, Jersey City

JOANNE: What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently? 

KERRY: This man came in to purchase a ring and was talking about how wonderful his future fiancée was and how she was a personal trainer and this ring was perfect for her active life. I posted it on instagram and one of the artist I carry who is also a personal trainer tagged her friends in it. A few weeks later I saw an engagement picture of the artist and the man who bought the ring and was so shocked! I didn't put it together that they were together! It made me so so happy to see their happy faces, that she got a ring she loved and he knew her so well to pick a piece so perfect for her. 

JOANNE: What would you like to see in your future? In the next year, 5 years, 10 years

KERRY: One Year: I would like to see my business grow along with Jersey City and see more happy couples get engaged, married and have many many anniversary's. Five years: I'd love to carry a furniture line designed and crafted by my boyfriend and have a wood work shop dedicated to builds for weddings and expand our home section of LL. I'd love to see Love Locked on the web known for high quality and ethical jewelry. Ten years: Throw a huge party celebrating with all the happy couples who came through LL throughout the past decade.

Thanks Kerry for all your support of me and my work, you truly are an inspiration to me, so kind, friendly and supportive, I'm so blessed to have you in my life!




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