Diploma in Fine Jewellery - Pear Shaped Bezels, Term 1, Week 4

This project consisted of two pear settings (one in gold)          

The setting were created using sheet for the bezel and wire for the seat. This was so incredibly tricky as Yom the seat needs to sit 2/3 of the way up the wall of the bezel and needed to be tight enough that it would stay where it needed to and not slip down, but not so tight that it wouldn’t fit. And let’s not forget it needed to be level! So, just like Goldilock’s porridge, it needed to be just right. This is probably what took the most amount of time, it was very much trial and error.


I made one pendant and one ring (the shank was in silver and the bezel was in 14k gold. I used a Garnet in the gold and a pink CZ in the pendant.


Once it was all done, it was off to the setting area to be set, it wasn’t too bad, but I hadn’t really got the top of the bezel the right shape, so setting proved tricky in that season, luckily I didn’t break the stones, but there was a lot of excess metal that needed to be pushed over because I had made it too big.


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