Diploma in Fine Jewellery - Totem Pendant, Term 1, Week 5-6

Having created the Pear Shaped bezels, it was somewhat easier to create this project,  the totem pendant. A lot of people on the course found the oval to be difficult, but I didn’t find it too bad, again, it was the pear that caused me problems.

This time I created the seat out of another piece of smaller sheet, so it was so much easier to get in the right place, because the bottom of the seat and the bottom of the bezel we’re at the same place on the soldering block.

I also had to create the jump rings and solder those on, making sure not to melt them and also stop any of the solder joins from the seat coming away. Success!


Once all that was complete, all three needed to be set (with the help of Pippi on my lap!). I use a Foredom hammer hand piece to set my pieces and honestly, I don’t know what I would do without it. I highly recommend if you’re a jeweler starting out and waiting to set faceted stones and cabochons. It especially came in useful when I needed to push over excess metal (again!) at the pointy bit of the pear.


Overall I good project, took some time, but worth it!

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