Inspiration from Jamaica

A few weeks ago I went on a trip to Jamaica to celebrate a 40th birthday. It was idyllic there, we had a private beach that we could go kayaking and paddle boarding from and also snorkeling. 

There were lots of sea urchins in Discovery Bay (where we were staying) and while I was snorkeling I found a dead one. It may sound gross, but the shell that it leaves is actually rather beautiful, so I thought I would make a necklace that resembled it.

Here are some photos of the sea urchins alive and the shell that it leaves behind.

Live Sea Urchin  Sea Urchin Shell  Sea Urchin Shell  Sea Urchin Shell  Sea Urchin Shell

Here's how I made the necklace.

First I picked out a round sterling silver disc, 1" in diameter and 22 gauge. In order to make it rounded like the shell, I used a dapping block which has domed circles in the cube and also a rounded tool which you strike with a hammer.

Dapping block  Dapping block

Once I had the domed piece, I then needed to drill a hole in the middle to resemble the hole in the shell and also add a hole for the jump ring which will be the bail for the necklace.

Drilling the piece  Drilling holes in silver  The domed piece 

At this point I was ready to add the little balls that are on the side of the shell (which when alive are the spikes). For this, I use a dot metal stamp which I strike with a hammer.

Striking the dots  Sea Urchin Necklace  

And here's the finished piece!

Sea Urchin Necklace  Sea Urchin Necklace  Sea Urchin Necklace


Here are some photos from the trip!

Discovery Bay, Jamaica  Discovery Bay, Jamaica  Discovery Bay, Jamaica  Discovery Bay, Jamaica  Fruit Platter  Cutting the coconut  Sunset at Discovery Bay, Jamaica  Blue Hole, Jamaica  Blue Hole, Jamaica  Blue Hole, Jamaica

I highly recommend Jamaica, it's a truly beautiful island.




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