Making Custom Cufflinks From a Tattoo Design

I often get asked to create custom pieces for people which sometimes end up as options on my website (and sometimes not). Here is a recent example of a custom request.
My customer wanted a pair of cufflinks for her husband on their wedding day. She gave me the designs for their tattoos which she wanted me to replicate. 
Tattoo designs
They were of hand drawn crowns. Because of time constraints I felt that making them out of Precious Metal Clay would be the way forward. First I created the rubber stamps that I would use to make the impressions of the lines and also so I knew where to cut out. We had agreed that it would be nice to have the outline of the tattoos cut out, so once I had the rubber stamp made, I embossed the clay and cut out the edges with a needle.
Tattoo design in Precious Metal Clay  Cufflink design made from Precious Metal Clay
Once dry, I used a clay tool to cut out the edges further and used sandpaper to smooth off the edges. Then it was time to fire them.
If you're interested in reading more about Precious Metal Clay and how I make some of my jewelry pieces, please read my blog post on Making Handprint Jewelry.
When they were cool enough to touch, I soldered the cufflink mechanisms onto the backs and put them in the tumbler to polish them.
I sent a photo to my customer and she decided to have them with a matte finish to match her fiancé's ring and this is how they came out!
She was extremely happy with them and couldn't wait to give them to her soon to be husband on their wedding day.
Custom made crown cufflinks  Custom made crown cufflinks
I really enjoy making people's design ideas come to life. 
If you have something special in mind, please get in touch and let's see how we can make your vision come to life. Just drop me an email here:
I look forward to working with you!
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