Peters Valley Art Gallery

A couple of months ago I was reading through a jewelry trade magazine and came across a weekend class that I was interested in at Peters Valley School of Craft in NJ. Unfortunately my schedule didn’t allow me to take the class but I did notice a call for art as I was looking at their website.

Peters Valley Art Gallery

They wanted to hear from artists who had a previous career before embarking on a second art career. The show was titled Act 2; Art as a Career Sequel. So I applied! I entered two pieces, my aquatic statement necklace and cube statement necklace (launching in June). They only accepted one piece (the aquatic piece) and I dutifully sent it off, along with my answers to their questions which they were going to use in the show and promotions of the exhibition.

Aquatic Statement Necklace | Silver Sculptor

Here are my answers to their questions; 

How did you find your artistic path?

I’ve always had a passion for arts and crafts and when I couldn’t find any silver jewelry that spoke to me, I decided to design and make my own! My studio was in our walk-in closet and I learnt by watching YouTube videos and taking evening classes here and there. I truly love spending time creating something from nothing, a piece of flat silver sheet can become a pendant, or a piece of wire can become a ring. I’m always learning new techniques and with jewelry, the possibilities are endless!

How has your first career influenced your art? 

I had a successful career in online marketing prior to becoming a full time jeweler and designer. It may not have influenced my art per se, but it certainly has helped me understand the importance of social media and online presence.

What advice would you give to others about pursuing creative endeavors as a '2nd Act'?

Make the leap of faith! There may be many reasons holding you back from pursuing your dream full time, but you’ll figure out ways to overcome them if you just believe in yourself. Your future self will thank you!

I wasn’t able to go to the opening reception as I was in Ireland at a wedding, but I did get to visit a couple of weeks ago, here are some photos from the show.


If you’re in the NJ area, you should definitely stop by, they have an excellent gift shop curated with lots if artistic gifts in all sorts of mediums and there’s always a show on at the gallery upstairs.


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