Silversmithing Intermediate at 92Y | Lesson Two

So, I took my second class of silversmithing at 92Y and this time I was making bowls from 4” square flat sheet (24g).

Making a copper bowl

We worked from the inside in a circular motion all the way from the outside to the inside and and then round and round, each time annealing the copper.

Making a copper bowl

To sink a piece, you work from the outside and work your way inside using a ball peen hammer.

To raise a piece, you work from the inside and work your way out.

Making a copper bowl

There’s lots I still need to learn, but the bowls are coming out ok, they need to be deeper, so more hammering next week!

I also worked on more rose petals, not sure if they’re for practice or if they’re actually going to be anything... watch this space!


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