The Hatton Garden Heist

Who doesn't love a good crime story? Well this one's a true story and it all happened in London's jewelry district, Hatton Garden, in April 2015.
Hatton Garden Safe Deposit
The heist was planned and carried out by four elderly men. The total stolen may have a value of up to £200 million and has been called the "largest burglary in English legal history."
Hatton Garden Safe Deposit  Hatton Garden
The burglary occurred during a period in which the Easter Bank Holiday and Passover coincided. The police first announced that the facility had been burgled on 7 April, and reports based on CCTV footage state that the attack on the facility commenced on 2 April.
Hatton Garden
There was no external sign of a forced entry to the building and it is thought that the burglars entered through an elevator shaft, then drilled through the 50 cm thick vault walls. The hole was just 25cm high and 45cm wide - I'm not sure I'd get through that!
Hatton Garden Heist

On May 19 2015, nine arrests were made and in September 2015, it was announced that the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Company had gone into liquidation because "trade had dried up" as a result of the robbery.

There have been a few tv shows and movies and made about it. One of which comes out this year called "The Hatton Garden Job" starring Michael Caine and Ray Winstone. 



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