The Inspiration Behind the Pebble Collection

I often get asked what my inspiration is for the jewelry that I make. A lot of the time, it comes from my surroundings, whether that's architecture in a city, or nature in the countryside.

The pebble collection was inspired by pebbles and stones found on beaches around the world. On the south coast of England, a lot of beaches are pebbly beaches, like the one in Brighton, just over an hour south of London (where I grew up). Brighton is where I studied at University and has a very special place in my heart (it's also a very cool Bohemian city and I highly recommend visiting!)

Deck Chairs on Brighton Beach

My brother now lives on the south coast of England, in a town called Worthing, which also has a pebbly beach. Whenever I go and visit, we always take a stroll along the promenade. I love the water and feel a connection to the sea (the aquatic collection was inspired by the bubbles found in the water). It's almost like a sanctuary for me, I can sit and watch the waves for hours, the sounds and the smells help to relieve any stresses I have and I just have a deep feeling of peace when I'm by the water. At night, I'll often listen to waves to help me get to sleep.

Pebble Necklace

The pebbles that get washed ashore have spent countless years in the ocean, they each have their own story to tell. The sharp edges getting slowly warn away until they become soft, smooth and round and so tactile to touch - just like the pebbles in this collection. I love daydreaming, thinking about where the pebbles may have been on their journey through life, how old they are and what they have witnessed throughout the tides of time.

Pebbles, or stones, represent the ability to be grounded and connected with the earth, they're also symbols of luck, energy and long life. They contain energy from the earth. Actually, their symbolism and meaning is quite profound - Google it!

Did you know that male penguins will search for days to find the right pebble to present to the female penguin he's fallen in love with? When he does find it, he waddles over to her and presents the pebble right in front of her, like a proposal (who needs rings?!). I love that. 

 Find out more about the collection in this short video:

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  • The video is wonderful. Lovely to see the connection to Brighton/Worthing and from yourself to the recipient. It’s great to see you making the jewellery. Xx

    Nancy Wade

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