The Young and the Restless Engagement Ring

I was super excited to be asked by the costume department at The Young and the Restless to create an engagement ring for Mariah and Tessa engagement in January.

It’s an important engagement because it’s the first same-sex proposal on the show.

You can watch the moment they got engaged here:


The costume designers knew exactly what they wanted for the ring, so I just needed to make it happen, but with a short timeline, it was crunch time and I had to call in favors at my casting company who made a mold of the ring I made (since multiples were requested for back-ups) and it needed to be plated in gold and set with an imitation emerald.

We went back and forth to make sure that what I was making was exactly how they had envisaged it…

Rendering of the ring


And in the end, it came out perfect!


And watch out for their wedding this Friday! Maybe there will be some more pieces made by me!


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