Training for Mount Kilimanjaro: January 2023

Let me give you a bit of background as to how I found myself raising $10k and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro having never climbed a mountain in my adult life - and hating camping.

In 2022 I cycled 50 miles and ran a 5k for The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. I hadn't been on a bike in years and I hadn't fun for that length, ever. So I was challenging myself and taking myself outside of my comfort zone already for this amazing charity. And I didn't want to stop there. An email came from Team Fox at the end of 2022 looking for volunteers to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, so I read it, thought "That's interesting" and didn't think about it again until 2 weeks later when I was with friends and we were declaring our goals for 2023. I said I would apply, thinking I wouldn't be accepted as there were only 12 spots available. I spent the next couple of days writing my application and a few days before Christmas I applied. 

To my surprise an hour later I got an email saying I'd been accepted into the Mount Kilimanjaro climb. 

Holy shitballs. 

I’ve been trying to do some research about the climb, since I was woefully under researched when I submitted the application, which is just as well, as I would probably have never applied otherwise.

I have until the beginning of May to raise the money and until August to train for it, the climb is the first week of August.

After almost 4 weeks back in England eating too much chocolate and doing no exercise, I'm back in the US and raring to go - well, as raring as I get. 

Here's my loose plan:

Walk for at least 1 mile every other day

Continue exercising at JANE DO and Row House in Jersey City.

Beginning May, start the training scheduled I've found online

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