Dendritic Opal Choker Neck Piece

Dendritic Opal Choker Neck Piece

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I picked up this beautiful dendritic opal at the Edison Gem and Mineral show a few years ago and I’ve been waiting for the perfect inspiration to come to me and I think it was worth the wait!

Each dendritic opal is different and unique, the form of common opal that has dark, tubular or orbicular markings within the base opal, which can be composed of Manganese, the dendrites (plumes) often appear to be shaped like mosses, ferns or trees. The opal is bezel set in a sterling silver neckpiece and looks gorgeous with a LBD, or paired with a turtle neck, as you can see in the photos - the necklace looks like it’s floating!

You can find out more about dendritic opals and they're spiritual meaning here.

I will be making one or two more of these, but because each and every opal is different, each one is one of a kind.

The opal is approximately 27mm x 29mm x 7mm and weighs 37 cts.

The striking, S-shaped sterling silver neck piece has a smooth texture and forms a large loop at the front center of the neck ring. The wire is 3.7mm wide. The inside diameter at the neck is 5" and it is 17" from top to bottom.